Recent News


On Wednesday, 24th October, Year 3 students will be receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation. Please keep the students in your prayers.Children are to arrive at school by 6:15pm wearing their Sunday best.

Shop for Schools

Shop for schools promotion starts this week. Please keep all receipts and hand them into customer service at the Town Centre. The promotion runs until October 31st

Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup Long Weekend is from Sat 3rd Nov - 6th Nov. Students are back at school on Wednesday 7th November.

St Mary of the Cross.

St Mary of the Cross was opened in January 2014.  This video gives you a inside look at our school.    

Our school app is up and running.

We’re very pleased to inform you that our school has implemented a phone app called Updat-ed that will make connecting with you so much more convenient.    

Crucifix Wall

In the entrance to our school, you will notice the beginnings of our 'Crucifix Wall'. This wall is designed to display depictions of crucifixes from around the world.