Recent News

Holy Week

In Week 10 we will be partaking in the special events of Holy Week. All communities will be involved  in plays and parents are invited to stay in the morning and watch the re-enactment with the whole school outside the Tenison Wood building.    


I need your help to resource our STEM resources. Could you please collect boxes (specifically shoe boxes), plastic lids, corks, bubble wrap, wooden dowel, cardboard, stuffing, pantyhose, clean socks, thin jewellery wire, washers, nuts and bolts ....

Laverton Parish 2020 Prep Enrolment

We are now accepting enrolments for Prep 2020. Applications will close at the end of Term One. Enrolment packs are available at the office. Siblings must also apply before the closing date to secure a place.Enrolment LaunchTimeline

Photo Day

Whole School photos will be taken on the 29th March. Children are asked to wear their summer uniform for the photos. This year all photo payments and orders will be electronic.

Stay and Play

Stay after school and meet others in our St Mary of the Cross Community, while the children enjoy a play in the playground.                        Brought to you by Parents and Friends Community. Every Friday. Fruit snack provided

Parents and Friends News

Our next Parents and Friends meeting is on the 26th April. Read more for all other P&F Dates.

Important Dates 2019

Term Dates 2019 Term 1: 31st January to 5th April Term 2: 23rd April to 28th June Term 3:15th July to 20th September Term 4: 7th October to 18th December (1pm)

ANZAC Memorial Service

Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand.  ANZAC Day Public Holiday is on the 25th April and will have a memorial service at SMOC on 24th April at 9am.  Please join us.

Mother's Day Celebrations

Mother's Day celebrations will take place at SMOC on Friday 10th May. More information to come. Save the date.

Sacramental Dates 2019

Eucharist 19th of May at Stella Maris - 9am Confirmation Reflection Day 31st of May at QoP Confirmation 18th of July  at Stella Maris - 7pm Reconciliation 22nd of October at SMOC - 6pm

Sacramental Family Nights

Please mark these dates in your diary.Year 4 Eucharist Sacramental Family Night - 19th of March Term 1      Year 6 Confirmation Sacramental Family Night - 13th of June Term 2       Year 3 Reconciliation SacramentalFamily Night - 5th of Sept  Term 4  

Safety Around School Crossings

Crossing Roads Safely If the school crossing is in operation you must not cross the road within 20 meters of the crossing… It is against the law… Please use the school crossing as it is the safest place to cross.   This applies to ADULTS and CHILDREN  

St Mary of the Cross.

St Mary of the Cross was opened in January 2014.  This video gives you a inside look at our school.    

Crucifix Wall

In the entrance to our school, you will notice the beginnings of our 'Crucifix Wall'. This wall is designed to display depictions of crucifixes from around the world.