Democratic Principles


St Mary of the Cross Catholic Primary School provides a Catholic education for the children within the Holy Trinity Parish (incorporating the communities of Laverton, Altona Meadows and Point Cook). It is the fifth Catholic school in the Parish and was established to serve the Catholic community of Saltwater Coast, Point Cook. 

Democratic Principles

St Mary of the Cross Catholic Primary School aims to promote in its students, lifelong learning and active participation as citizens of a modern Australia, enabling them to become active and informed citizens who participate in and sustain our democratic society. 

Learning and teaching practice is based on a needs-based platform utilising an integrated curriculum and inquiry approach. An important focus of curriculum development, implementation and participation is Civics and Citizenship, which is developed and explored in line with the Victorian Curriculum (F-10) and the vision for students in Catholic schools: At the very heart of each Catholic school is a desire for the full flourishing of each student, across religious, physical, cognitive, emotional and social domains. Here we support students to grow in virtue and to embrace a view of themselves and the world that leads to peace, justice, and the prospering of the whole of creation. It is a journey that is enlightened by faith, animated by love and leading to hope.” 

The programs at St Mary of the Cross Catholic Primary School support and promote the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to: 

  • elected government; 
  • the rule of law; 
  • equal rights for all before the law; 
  • freedom of religion; 
  • freedom of speech and association; 
  • values of openness and tolerance. 
Communication to the school community

This statement is communicated using a variety of media, through the policies, programs, documentation and practices of the school. This communication occurs through newsletter items; in the annual report to the community; the school website and at regular flag-raising ceremonies.