Parish Enrolments


The Holy Trinity Catholic Parish  (previously Parish of Laverton) comprises five schools within the Parish boundary. The Parish is in a major growth corridor in the Western suburbs of Melbourne and each school has a catchment/containment area

The five schools which make up the Holy Trinity Parish are:
St Martin De Porres
Queen of Peace
Lumen Christi
Stella Maris
St Mary of the Cross

Applications will be considered in the following priority order:

  • Baptised Catholic​ children resident in the designated zone/catchment area of the Laverton Parish
  • Brothers and sisters of currently enrolled students in the school.
  • Baptised​ children from Christian religions which share a special relationship with the history and traditions of the Catholic Church.
  • Non-Catholic children. 

Enrolments for Grade Prep 2021 will open after the enrolment launch on 10th March 2020.
The Enrolment Launch is at Queen of Peace Primary School, 62 Everingham Rd, Altona Meadows at 7pm.

In order to attend the enrolment launch, you must first register at  
Prep 2021 Enrolment Registration.

After the launch, all attendees will receive a Prep 2021 application form and pack via email. The forms are sent to the email provided in the registration.

Application forms are to be filled out and returned via email with all required documentation and payment. 

Documents required are:
Baptism Certificate 
Birth certificate
Proof of residence eg. Utility bill, rental agreement.
Immunisation History Statement

Any incomplete forms will not be considered until all documents are received with payment.

Applications are due back no later than 24th April

Enrolment applications will be collated by the Enrolment Officer and distributed to the appropriate schools according to the catchment areas (zones).

For all other non-prep applications for the Holy Trinity Catholic Parish, please fill out the enquiry form and an application will be emailed to you. Alternatively, contact the relevant school.

For more information on Enrolments please contact Maria Litherland on 83765400 or email

Below are maps of the catchment areas for each school. These maps are a guide only and will change depending on need.
St Martin De Porres
Queen of Peace
Lumen Christi
Stella Maris
St Mary of the Cross