Religious Education

At St Mary of the Cross we believe that the Catholic faith and its traditions are central to the purpose of our school, whilst recognising and respecting our multi-faith community. We provide many opportunities to come together and celebrate our faith through Liturgy and Prayer. Celebrations such as Sacraments, Grandparents Day, feast days, the month of Mary, Holy Week and school Masses are regular occurrences.

The Sacramental Program is both school and Parish based, with the R.E.L’s from the each LCEC school, the Pastoral Associate, a Representative from the Christian Brothers Society and the Parish Sacrament Program Coordinator work together to continually develop a program that addresses the needs of our student and community.

The aim of our Religious Education Program is to develop within each child an awareness of God and to create an environment conducive to the development of religious faith. We achieve this by providing the opportunity for personal growth through the Tradition of the Catholic Church: Scripture, Prayer, Sacraments, Liturgy and teachings.

Sacramental Dates

Eucharist 19th of May at Stella Maris - 9am
Confirmation Reflection Day 31st of May at QoP
Confirmation 18th of July  at Stella Maris - 7pm
Reconciliation 22nd of October at SMOC - 6pm

Sacramental Family Night

Please mark these dates in your diary.
Year 4 Eucharist Sacramental Family Night - 19th of March Term 1     
Year 6 Confirmation Sacramental Family Night - 13th of June Term 2      
Year 3 Reconciliation SacramentalFamily Night - 5th of Sept  Term 4

Kids View and Bahay Tuluyan Conference Reflection

By Dean Kardas

On May the 22nd on Wednesday twelve year five children from SMOC  were chosen to represent our school at Stella Maris. The other schools that attended were  St Mary’s Altona, Lumen Christi, St Martin de Porres, and Lisieux North Torquay. Stella Maris was  hosting an incursion event called Kids View and an organization from the Philippines called Bahay Tuluyan Philippines Australia Inc. The founder Catherine Scerri introduced us to the two youth representatives Justin and Donita and she spoke briefly about their organization (Bahay Tuluyan) and we named all the natural resources that we have (stone, wood and then metal and oil etc.) then we played a game with lollies. They were spread out on the floor and we had to get as many as we could. Then we were split up into different groups, the poor group, the middle class and then the rich group and that was the format for the workshops Eg. if I was in the poor group I was poor for the workshop.

After lunch we had the workshops, my first one was the home one where we talking about different homes people would have in different places and my second one was the education and we pretended to be in school and we had to buy things with the money we were given. Then it was snack time and after we ate, Justin and Donita did a performance about their personal experiences on the street. After their stunning performance, we got a certificate of participation and went back to school.

So that’s what we did at the Kids View conference.