The Fitzroy Community is home to the One/Two classes.
This year our focus is on the Arts, so all our classes are named after artists - both visual and performing.

Fitzroy Information Night.


A few months back during winter, I had a stroll with my family in Daylesford. Cup of cacao in my hand I stumbled upon this beautiful window with lots of lights and a huge statue of two children playing. The writing on the wall was simple and elegant in bold black letters: Bromley&Co. I was thrilled by the wonderful discovery so I went inside to have a look. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. Paintings of happy children playing mixed with characters from famous books, statues of funny looking animals and whimsical butterflies. I felt like I stepped into another world where everything is possible if you just imagine.

I had a feeling of warmth and happiness for a long time after my visit and a desire to go back and be amazed again. And that is the story of why I chose Bromley as a name for my classroom. I wanted to be reminded every day of what children are for all of us. Beautiful people, full of wonder, potential and hope for the future.

Monica Capruciu

1/2 Classroom Teacher


Adnate is a large-scale portrait artist, who uses spray paint as his medium.  He uses vibrant colours to portray a life-like image that shows diversity, equality and captures the emotions of his subjects.  His work can be seen on walls and buildings throughout urban areas for everyone to enjoy. I have travelled to outback areas and his pictures of Indigenous culture really appeal to me.  He captures their character and spirit and inspires you to be a more understanding, inclusive and respectful person. Adnate has done regular charity work so it resonates with me to have his name represent our classroom.


Halpern is named after the Melbourne based sculptor, Deborah Halpern. Deborah was born in 1957 and as a child made many items out of clay. As she grew up, she began making pots and selling these at local markets. In the early 1980’s, Deborah applied for a grant to create life-sized furniture, which she won. She had her first exhibition of these pieces and then continued to make many sculptures. 

In 1985, Deborah applied for and was awarded a grant from the Australian Council to travel to Europe to study art. Whilst she was away, she received a letter from the NGV asking her to make a sculpture for the South Moat on St Kilda Road in Melbourne of the National Gallery of Victoria. It took Deborah 3 years to create the piece titled ‘Angel’ which was then installed in the moat. Angel has since then been moved to Birrarung Marr in the Melbourne CBD. Since then, Deborah has created other sculptures and had numerous exhibitions to showcase her work. Deborah now works in many different mediums such as ceramic, paint, printmaking, bronze, glass and neon and is committed to making a positive difference in the world.

Dyson Classroom is named after Adam Dyson a Melbourne, Victorian based photographer. He has a passion for landscape and long exposure photography that escapes the major cities and finds beautiful images to create realistic yet surreal images. Every image he takes show the world through his eyes: bright colours, glassy water and beautiful light. His beach-line photography skills complement our parish motto “footprints in the sand: past, present and future.”