Safety Around School Crossings

Crossing Roads Safely

If the school crossing is in operation you must not cross the road within 20 meters of the crossing… It is against the law…

Please use the school crossing as it is the safest place to cross.

This applies to ADULTS and CHILDREN

At the School crossing, all pedestrians should stand behind the white line and wait for the signal from school crossing supervisor, to cross the road. Two short blows of the whistle mean you can cross the road. One long whistle blow means you have to stop and listen to what the school crossing supervisor has to say before you can cross.

Never run skip, jump bounce or ride across the school crossing.

Driving and parking safely around schools and school crossings.

Obey the parking signs around the school.

Keep children safe by never parking in a No stopping Zone or Bus zone and never double park around the school - no matter how briefly.

Drivers must obey the speed signs around the school.

Drivers must always wait until the stop sign no longer faces you and the school crossing supervisor is completely off the school crossing before proceeding.

Do not allow your child to exit the vehicle if you have stopped at the school crossing, not even on the footpath side.

And lastly … Remember that children learn by example and that school crossings are not just for children … they are also for adults.

So please set a good example and use the school crossing when the flags are displayed.