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Father's Day
Another lovely turnout. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as the children did!


Minnie Vinnies
The children were busy putting together the toiletry bags for Minnie Vinnies. What a great initiative.

Councillor Visit

Wednesday 14th, the SMOC community was again showcased, as we received a visit from the Mayor of Wyndham, Councillor Mia Shaw.

Cr Shaw, a MacKillop College Alumni, wants to visit all schools in the municipality. She was very impressed with our school and all it has to offer our students and families.

Grandparents Day 2019
Thank you to all the wonderful Grandparent's who made it out today to visit SMOC. The turnout was incredible! The children really enjoy spending time with their special family members.



As part of our wellbeing classes this term students in years 3-6 participated in a Mindful Masterpiece Project. Our students were given one lesson per week to work on something that they loved and found relaxing or therapeutic. The students had to plan, make and reflect on each piece of work they completed as part of their folio. The students were very proud to have their work displayed in the ‘work in progress’ exhibition. Many students have shared ideas and then taken ideas home to use as a way to incorporate more mindfulness in their own lives.

Click here are some examples of this student centred learning activity.

Opening and Blessing of Learning Community 4
The Honourable Jill Hennessy, Attorney General and Member for Altona, officially opened our building this morning.  Jill completed a tour with our captains before the ceremony and commented on not only the strength of our learning but also the strength of our community spirit.  Monsignor Greg Bennet then blessed our learning space. To finish the event the choir treated us all to a wonderful song from the Greatest Showman, A Million Dreams.  
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Trivia Night

The Parents and Friends Committee (PFC) held their Annual Trivia Night on Saturday and it was a very fun and successful evening. It was a great opportunity to socialise, have some fun and at the same time,  raise some all important funds for the school.
This is the main fundraiser for the PFC and we are delighted to raise a total of $5,400 which will go towards outdoor facilities. 
There were months of planning and organisation that went into the event. We would like to thank Rebecca McFarlane who took the lead and thank the core band of parents who assisted her: Laura Bykersma, Linda Gallacher, Heather Daly, Clare Griffiths and Devi Wiltshire; who ran around asking businesses for donations, selling tickets and bingo numbers. We also like to thank all other families who helped with donations and setting up for the night. Thank you also to Lourdes Partridge for doing the artwork for the event.

We’d also like to make a special mention to our major sponsor LJ Hooker. They are great supporters of local community events and have not only assisted us financially for the Trivia Night, but also assisted with the organisation and set up of the event. They have supported this event over the past four years now.

Thank you also to all businesses who donated prizes for the night. Please ensure to have a look at the SMOC website for all these names.
The team that took the honours this year was " We drink and we know some things". 
Also congratulations to Lorraine Buttlieg for the $1 Bingo draw; and Edmund Neil who won the $2 Bingo draw.   
Thank you to all those who attended and made the evening so enjoyable.

Tuckshop Opening

Tuckshop is here! Many students have enjoyed their first order today. Thank you again to the team of volunteers who have made this service possible and ensured a successful first order. All orders are placed and paid for through QKR. The first few services will have a cut off time of Tuesday at 6 p.m. Any parents who have volunteered for Tuckshop service who have not yet been contacted, be patient, a roster is being completed within the next two weeks.


Grade 3 Camp

Mother's Day

We thank all the mums who braved the bad weather to come to school on 10th May,  to share in activities with their children and enjoy a delicious morning tea.

We wish all SMOC mums a very happy Mother’s Day on Sunday.

The recipes of the day...

Lemon Peppermint Body Scrub

In a bowl, mix together 1 1/4 cups granulated sugar, 1/2 cup coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, zest from 1/2 lemon, 5 drops of Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil and 5 drops of Young Living Lemon Essential Oil.  The sugar and lemon juice and zest gently sloughs off dry skin, the coconut oil moisturizes and lemon and peppermint provide a mood boost.


Relaxing Lavender Bath Salts

In a glass bowl (or large zip close bag), mix together 1/2 cup of epsom salt and 10 drops of lavender essential oil. Stir/mix to combine and store in a sealed glass jar.  Dark glass is best, or keep it somewhere dark and cool. Add about 1/4 cup to warm running bath water or a spoonful to a deep bowl if you are soaking your feet. Epsom salts are detoxifying, so drink lots of water before and after a soak!

Basketball, Inter-school sports.

On Wednesday the 1st of May 7 girls from Mackillop played at Eagle Stadium. We went up against Jamison way, Saltwater, Feather Brook and Lumen Christi. The girls, unfortunately, lost to Lumen Christi, Feather Brook and Jamison way but we beat saltwater convincingly!

Our first game began at 10.00am with the girls playing first followed by the boys who started after us, in our first game we were up 8 points from last year we were all proud of each other for the huge efforts.


It was a full day packed with fun, we tried the best we could and we are very proud of our improvement from last year. We finished 3rd in our draw and 6th overall.

A big thanks to Nic for organising this interschool sport and taking us to basketball and a very big thanks to Pauline for driving us to basketball and scoring.

Good luck to the boys and girls next year!!


AFL Visit

In term 1, three football players from North Melbourne football club came to our school. It was in the courtyard near the MacKillop space. There was an AFL Coordinator and three players. We asked some questions and they asked questions and gave us signed flags. We also watched a video of all the goals the footy players did. It was a super fun time. 
By Ruth, Chris and Carmelita

Holy Week Plays
Palm Sunday

St Patricks Cathedral Mass

On Friday the 15th of March, 10 Grade 6 students (Juliana, Eve, Marissa, Sienna, Giann, Bella, Isaiah, Stephen, Milli and Jordan T) as well as Martina Murphy and Lorraine went to St Patrick's Cathedral to represent the school in the st Patrick's Day mass. We caught the train to North Melbourne then to Parliament, the escalators were huge! The trains were really crowded but we all loved the experience!

When were walking to the cathedral we stopped to have a snack and Stephens tooth fell out! We also stopped to take a few pictures whenever we saw something interesting. When we eventually got to the Cathedral we put our bags down to save our seats. Then it was time for a well needed toilet break before the mass started at 10!

When the mass started and we were all seated we saw the different schools walk in with their school flags, ours was carried by Bella and Isaiah. The mass went on for about an hour. In the mass, we learnt that even though we all come from different countries we are all one family preaching about God. After the mass was finished we started walking to Fitzroy gardens, on the way we saw a protest about climate change the message was very clear they wanted to change climate change.

At Fitzroy Gardens we relaxed and ate under the shade of a large tree while listening to older student perform songs at the nearby stage. We played in the gardens climbing trees and admiring the ponds and lakes.

When it was time to go we packed our things and left for the train station. We caught the train with Stella Marris and got off at Williams Landing.

We all had a great time! (Written by Juliana Giango)

New Courtyard


A bully is a person

That is so very mean

And it can be anyone

That you have ever seen


A bully can call you names

And make lots of fun of you

They might badly hurt your friends

And also say funny sounds to you like “moo”


If they do that to you

You must walk away

Go tell a teacher or a parent

You can talk to them and say


“I got bullied by a person

And then i got hurt so bad.”

Then your parent or teacher can say

“Take deep breaths and don’t get mad.”


If you are being bullied

You now know what you need to do

Even if it is your friend

You know who to speak to


If your friend is being bullied

You really need to help your friend

You need to step up for them

So the bullying can end.

Poem written by Tim Nunez

Active Day

On Thursday, week 6, the whole school was involved in an Activity Day. The students and teachers got to wear sports colours or uniforms, all the while we got to play some sports and activities. Some activities were shoe bowling, dance competitions, capture the flag, battleships and at the end of the day, we had a special visitor. Three people came to the school to talk to us about how we shouldn’t care about what people think of us and that we all have value. They also introduced us to some songs they wrote.The majority, if not everyone, had a great time and would love to do it again.

(Written by Amalie Haisman)

Grade 5/6 Camp

Camp Gallery

Dear 2020 grade 5’s,

As you are about to embark on your exciting adventure at Mill Valley Ranch, here are some of the activities you will be doing throughout the 3 days of your endeavour at Mill Valley Ranch.


During your participation of horse-riding, you will be set to complete an obstacle course or a tutorial of how to ride a horse. If you are scared and anxious about falling or hurting the horses, don’t worry as these horses as have been trained kid-friendly throughout many years. You may be lucky and even go out on a trail ride with your horse buddy and travel through the bushes around Mill Valley Ranch.


Canoeing is a fun activity which teaches you how to travel amongst the water on obviously a canoe. You will have a buddy and staff canoeing with you so don’t be anxious or nervous. This will test your ability to work together and cooperate as a group as you paddle together. During the session, you will have the time to play a few minigames to compete with other canoers.

 Crate Climb:

The aim is to build crates and climb as high as you can. Even though all these activities may sound terrifying and scary, don’t be worried as everything is well prepared and strapped up. Anyways, back to the topic, this will test your stamina of climbing crates without falling down (which if you do, you’ll be safely brought down with a harness). The all time record is 23 recorded by a student from a different school, and I’m am encouraging you, along with everyone else to give it a try and to see if you can beat the record.

 Raft Building:

Raft building is lots of fun when it comes to competing and creating your own rafts in groups. You will be split into 2 groups and deciding on who’s the leader. The leader will choose the materials to build a raft.


Work together as a group to make one that will float but be careful, you only have a limited amount of materials. One person will be on the raft and all the others will be pushing the raft while in the water to get to the end point and come back to shore. Don’t worry about because you will be wearing life jackets.


In the cabins, there will be a toilet and 1 or 2 showers. There will be about 8 students in the same cabin as you so decide on who’s sleeping where. If you have any problems with your cabin, please notify your supervisor or even a teacher. These cabins are set up like a little town with a little shade in the center.

 Food and Bus Trip:

You will need to arrive at school at 7:30 am and the bus will leave at 8 am sharp. The bus ride is about 2 hours and 30 minutes long, but there will be a camp booklet providing you with information about your cabins, groups, and there is even an itinerary included!

 The food at Mill Valley Ranch, in my opinion, is pretty decent. On the first day, you will need to pack your own snack and lunch, but the other meals will be provided for you.

 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: What if I get sick or injured?

A: If you get sick or injured, the staff members or teachers will definitely treat you and help you with medicine or possibly the first aid kit.

 Q: What time do you sleep and wake up?

A: The lights will go out at 9pm and you will be asked and encouraged to wake up at 7am

Q:What do I do in the morning if I’m done and waiting for breakfast?

A: There is a piano if you want to play a song located at the barn, a pool table to play with your friends, a ping pong table, chess, a game called gun-sling or you can just chill out in your cabins. These games are all located in/outside the barn.