Learning Areas

2019 has started and we would like to introduce the teams in each area.

This year our focus is on the Arts, so all our classes are named after artists - both visual and performing. 

In the Penola community, we have Grade Preps
Moffat with Brodie
Andre with Merle
Debbie is the Learning Support Officer

In the Fitzroy Community, we have Grade 1/2
Halpern with Nicole B
Adnate with Nicole W
Bromley with Monica
Dyson with Rachael
Ellie and Corrina are the Learning Support Officers

In the Tenison Woods community, we have Grade 3/4
Olivia with Lucy
Mauboy with Andrea
Jackman with Michael
Hemsworth with Cassie
Lorraine is the Learning Support Officer

In the MacKillop community, we have Grade 5/6
Bickmore with Nicole A
Cunxin with Martina C
Do with Martina M
Farnham with Amanda
Kate and Laura are the Learning Support Officers.

We also have the Kitchen Garden Program which has been a huge success.

Take a moment to have a look through and see what the different learning areas are up to.