At St Mary Of The Cross, Reading and Viewing, Writing and Listening and Speaking are all taught in line with the Victorian Curriculum and guided by the Horizons of Hope framework developed by Catholic Education Melbourne. Macintosh HD:Users:mzarafa:Desktop:Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 9.26.37 PM.png

Victorian Curriculum Link

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Student learning is achieved through a well-balanced literacy program, which encompasses a range of approaches and experiences that fosters students to take increasing responsibility of their learning.

Teachers regularly gather and use data to inform teaching and learning that is focused on student’s point of need. Assessments are completed regularly throughout the year.

At St Mary Of The Cross, we have implemented THRASS (Teaching Handwriting And Spelling Strategies) program Prep to Year Six. THRASS is a phonetic teaching tool.

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We have been using The Reading Café to develop comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding vocabulary. The Reading Café teaches students effective reading strategies.

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The Reading Recovery Program is an intensive program designed to assist Grade One students. The lessons consist of a variety of authentic reading and writing experience designed to assist students to develop their literacy skills.

Parent Involvement

At St Mary Of The Cross, we value parent involvement. Our Grade One and Two Learning Community have reading with parents every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for fifteen minutes. Students listen to stories being read and develop an appreciation of literature.

If you are interested please contact your class teacher.

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