Kitchen, Garden, Classroom

Inspired by Stephanie Alexander.....

The kitchen Garden Classroom at St Mary of the Cross in Point Cook, was inspired by Stephanie Alexander. It encourages Australian children to develop positive food habits,  using a hands-on approach to growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing food.

We try to stimulate the senses, develop healthy habits and feed hungry minds.  To find out more about the foundation that started it all go to

After preparing our meals we focus on enjoying them together at a shared table.

According to Stephanie Alexander, this program tries to change children's attitude towards fresh food. It helps them develop an understanding and willingness to expand their horizons. It also helps them "understand what goes on in the garden and how that food has got on their plate, those insights and understandings will be there for life."  
- Stephanie Alexander

Michael will work with the students, in the garden to grow and harvest fresh, seasonal vegetables that we can then prepare and share in the kitchen. 

Gina is crazy about cooking but can't do it all alone. The more adult hands and eyes we have to supervise in the kitchen,  the more adventurous we can get. Enhancing the learning experience for our children.

Michael is crazy about gardening but he could always use extra green thumbs.

So check your diaries and come and help the children.

Come join the fun!

Warren first Kitchen