Board of Management

The St Mary of the Cross Board of Management (BoM) is the main representative body of the School Community.  In consultation with the Parish Priest and Principal it assists in the decision making process and provides structures that ensure transparency, fairness and a commitment to due diligence.

In 2014, the Board of Management was formed and met four times over the second half of the year. The Board consists of parents, community members and staff.

Latest News.

An interim Board of Management was established at St Mary of the Cross nearly eighteen months ago. The brief for the interim Board was to develop  processes and procedures that would allow parents and community members to be represented in the decision making processes of the school.

I am pleased to advise you that the Board is now ready to publish their procedural guidelines, and to conduct their first Annual General Meeting.

There are three parent representatives on the eight member interim Board. These are Pauline Alabakis, Tim Whitmore and Maria Peterson (P&F Rep). The new look Board of Management will include an additional two parent representatives.

These two additional representatives will be elected by the general parent population of the school prior to the AGM which is to be held on Wednesday, 11th May, 2016.

I encourage all parents to read the attached documents, and consider nominating for a position on the Board. 

Procedural Guidelines  and Nomination Form 

Democratic Principles

Board of Management Membership

Annual Reports to the School Community

Board of Management minutes