Mission Statement

St. Mary of the Cross is a Catholic primary school in the Archdiocese of Melbourne that provides a comprehensive education within the parameters of a 21st century framework.


To bring our vision to life we will:

  • Ensure that it comes alive within the fabric of our school
  • Recognise the charism of Mary MacKillop as a model of Christ in our midst
  • Celebrate our Catholic faith, rituals  and traditions through liturgy,  prayer, reflection and meditation
  • Display Catholic iconography and symbols
  • Make connections between  Jesus, scripture, gospel values and life
  • Provide opportunities for social justice action for children, staff and parents
  • Develop  and implement induction processes for students, families and teachers
  • Develop structures that provide opportunities for input, feedback and review
  • Provide a comprehensive curriculum that is available and accessible
  • Work in partnership with families recognising their rights, responsibilities and availability
  • Create opportunities to celebrate the gifts , talents and successes of our  community
  • Create opportunities for our community to explore and share their cultural and religious traditions
  • Build positive and professional relationships
  • Develop authentic student voice
  • Identify learning styles, needs and passions
  • Collect and interpret data to shape future learning
  • Establish authentic learning conversations
  • Establish a visible culture of professional learning that is shared with the community
  • Develop a culture of continuous improvement, innovation and best fit practice through empowerment of students, families and teachers