From Portland to Penola

In 2010, three secondary school teachers wanted to celebrate the canonisation of Mary MacKillop in a special way. The came up with the idea of the 'Aussie Camino', a 200 kilometre walk from Portland to Penola. This walk was to reflect one of the many journeys Mary MacKillop made in the early days as she established Catholic schools across Victoria and South Australia.


The Laverton Parish community is taking part in the Aussie Camino in September 2017 as a way of acknowledging the first five years of its newest school St Mary of the Cross in Point Cook.


Leon Colla (Principal), Tess Righetti (Fitzroy Community Leader) and Johanna Crooks (Flannery Homeroom Teacher) will represent St Mary of the cross community and undertake a 200km pilgrimage, in the footsteps of Mary MacKillop.


Starting Monday 25th September.

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