Tennison Woods

Cooks Cottage Excursion

On the 30th of October in the morning, the Tenison Woods Community went on an excursion to Captain Cook’s Parents Cottage in Fitzroy Gardens.

We found out new and interesting things about Captain Cook’s life and his life at sea and searched for different things like the Golden Wattle in the garden. We found out that he was married to Elizabeth Batts. We also tried on some dress up clothes that were replicas of what Captain Cook may have worn. We also took part in a challenge where you had to carry a pot of water that resembled how they went to the toilet. We learnt about the Endeavour and looked at a model of the Endeavour. We realised that Captain Cook and his crew ate biscuits with flies in them and only sometimes they would get some fresh food. The crew and Captain Cook drank beer all the time but no water.

We learnt lots of new and interesting things!

By Erica and Kate

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During this semester, the students from Tennison Woods participated in a mini Coding unit which involved designing and programming an educational game using Scratch.  On Wednesday these students shared their learning with the students in Penola.  Needless to say, our preps were super excited to be playing a variety of learning games and our Year 3 and 4’s were extremely proud of their achievements.  Here are some comments from both communities from the day:



“I liked all the games and I know how hard they worked.”- William


“I loved all the games so much and learning where the letters were on the keyboard.” - James


“I liked the games that they made on the computer because the games were fun.”- Kari

“I liked how the preps had a go and didn’t give up.”- Alex


“It was hard work making the games and it would not have been able to happen without the preps.”- Luka


“The preps were very nice to come and play our games.”- Amalie


“I enjoyed them having fun even if they were shy.” - Maddy




Report from Tenison Woods Camp 2017


After 3 days at Campaspe Downs Camp in Kyneton our 115 students and support staff have returned home safely.  Camp is all about making the most of opportunities and stepping out of your comfort zone….and that we did!


On our trip to camp we stopped off at Hanging Rock for morning tea and a toilet break.  Although it was cold and wet we were greeted by dozens of kangaroo as we drove in.  One kangaroo in particular, Snowy, has been around for years and was very friendly. She let us take lots of photos of her.  We were also spoilt with kookaburra sightings and crimson rosellas.


From Hanging rock we jumped back on the busses and headed to PGL Campaspe Downs.  Some students asked what ‘PGL’ stood for and the answers given by the instructors were: ‘Parents Get Lost’ and ‘Pretty Good Looking Staff’. Edward thought PGL stood for ‘Please Give Lollies’.  But in actual fact PGL stands for Peter Gordon Lawrence, the founder of these camps back in the 1950’s, not really Parents Get Lost!


For some students (and parents) this was the first time that they had stayed away from home for 2 nights.  This is a big achievement and we are very proud of those students who were brave enough to come away on camp (and Parents who allowed it to happen).


The camp was jam packed with activities that students don’t often get the opportunity to participate in. These included: The Giant Swing, Possum Glider, Archery, Canoeing, Aeroball, Team Challenge course and Mud Run. Each of these activities required teamwork and a degree of bravery. Please ask your children which activity they thought was most challenging and how they felt once they achieved it!


If our days were not jam packed enough, our nights were entertaining as well. The first night we all participated in some Wacky Races and various Team Challenges in the Gymnasium before retiring to our cabins for some well earned rest. On the second night students were offered the opportunity to toast marshmallows and sing songs around the campfire or participate in some indoor team challenge activities in the Barn. Some students have never been around a campfire or toasted marshmallows on sticks.  Kuol gave this experience a 13/10!  Pretty impressive!


The dining hall was abuzz with so many students all eating and chatting about the activities they had done or what was coming up next. This year our students actually made a large portion of the morning tea and afternoon tea treats. They were busy in the week leading up to camp preparing yummy treats to share and enjoy on camp. It was lovely that at each tea break the students had an option of an item that they had prepared back at school and brought to camp to share.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the families for helping prepare your kids for camp and for allowing them this opportunity to bond with new people and develop some independence in a supported environment.  Yes your children have returned tired but they have made some memories that they will talk about for years to come. And they have shared so much with their groups, overcome some difficult challenges and come home with a sense of achievement.  Thanks to Allison and Paul for their ongoing support.  And thank you to the teachers who gave their time to be involved in all that camp has to offer.  Without the support and cooperation from our teachers, opportunities like these cannot happen for your children.  Thank you Brendan, Pauline, Andrea, Bec, Chris, Hannah, Johanna, Kristin, Michael and Sally.


Thank you to Rita for your work with the Alternative Camp Program that ran at school this week. The students had lots of exciting things to share with me when we returned from camp.  The Crocodile Park excursion and cooking were some popular highlights. Emmanuel says “ he had fun and loved eating 4 slices of pizza at the Crocodile park”.


Thursday and Friday have been wonderful camp reflection days back at school.  We have continued our Camp Theme all week and our learning on Thursday and Friday reflected experiences from Campaspe or the Alternative Camp Program.  Please take the time to look at some of the photos on our display wall and read some of our camp reflections.


Thanks again for your support and cooperation with our 2017 Tenison Woods Camp.


Kind regards

Gina Oliver and the Tenison Woods Team.