Pauline Knowles

In Term 3, the teachers will have the opportunity to observe a lesson or two modelled by Michael Ymer. Michael Ymer is an experienced mathematics teacher/ consultant who has been involved in numerous Victorian State initiatives in mathematics. He is an enthusiastic and entertaining presenter who has a clear and practical approach to the challenges that confront schools in mathematics. He brings to his presentations an understanding of what does and doesn’t work in our classrooms.


I will continue to develop my role as the Mathematics leader by providing support to homegroup teachers to continue to develop their professional knowledge and praxis in teaching Mathematics. The role encompasses working with supporting the numeracy development of students from foundation through to year six both in and out of the learning space.


The school Maths committee will be developing our Mathematics Annual Action Plan (MAAP) for the second semester of 2017. The MAAP looks at the goals and targets the school endeavours to reach, by the end of the 2017 school year. The MAAP for the rest of 2017, has a focus on ensuring all Maths Learning across the school, has clear learning intentions and success criteria, which are clearly stated and visible to the students and parent community. This is one way that the school can track student engagement and improvement over the semester.